OnlineOrder™Cloud-Based Point-Of-Sales Solutions

We can set-up online ordering, in-store ordering, mobile ordering and invoicing or integrate them all into one POS solution.


Your clients are online, whether on a computer at work or on their smart phones, going about town. OnlineOrder™Online allows customers to order items from your inventory from any internet connection. Orders are made, paid and the order ticket printed directly to your office's printer.


You have customers and they still come by your office and pay with cash. You require a POS system that can make your daily transactions, print receipts, and has the capability to integrate employee scheduling, payroll, and the bookkeeping tools required to keep things running smoothly.

OnlineOrder™Mobile POS

Mobile POS applications allow for table-side (or truck-side as the case may be) ordering by staff and table-top ordering by customers including payments, loyalty programs, and even reviews. Using price-friendly tablets and secure, reliable wireless local internet networks, order tickets are printed directly to your kitchen, and receipts pushed out for the servers.


You can create an invoice within OnlineOrder™Invoice with just a few clicks. You can enter your complete invoice information, such as line items, taxes and shopping information, giving your customers more detail on their purchase.

OnlineOrder™Real-Time Monitoring Dashboard

We understand making adjustments is critical to the success of your business. The built-in OnlineOrder™ business-monitoring dashboard provides an overview of operations from sales to payroll. Here, you can easily track in-store orders, online orders, and wholesale orders and as well as labour and vendor costs, to the cent and in real time. We also provide data on top-selling employees, the month’s most requested items, and flag today’s hottest selling product

OnlineOrder™ System Tools

The OnlineOrder™Integrated POS system allows for integration of everyday business tools such as payroll, book keeping, and employee time-clocks. With customized notifications pushed out to Managers regarding orders or new client registrations, and employee logins, you have more information available than ever before for making your decisions.

OnlineOrder™Inventory Control

Knowing what each of your inventory items costs to prepare is one of the most overlooked aspects of running a profitable business. With OnlineOrder™ Inventory Control always know the up-to-date profit margin of a inventory item. Take the guesswork out of your margins, and find value from your inventory.


Reduce costs and logistics and keep your company’s balance sheet private and stakeholders up-to-date. OnlineOrder™ Book Keeper is a do-it-yourself bookkeeping tool that allows you to generate weekly, monthly and yearly reports on account payables and receivables, and generate your business’ payroll. Never be in the dark again with your finances.


This tool allows employees to log into OnlineOrder™ recording start, break and end times. You also can view gross labour costs in the RealTime Dashboard, and have the freedom to export data for your own Accountant or you can simply do-it-yourself using OnlineOrder™Payroll. Included with this tool is our Scheduler, where you can prepare weekly or monthly schedules.


With the click of your mouse, calculate employee pay cycles, with EI, tax, vacation pay and other deductions automatically made. Print current pay stubs or review past pay periods.

OnlineOrder™Customer Management Solutions

OnlineOrder™eDirectory Listing

Increase exposure and get noticed by potential customers through listing your store and your specialties in our online directory. This is one of the easiest ways to help optimize search results in your favour.

OnlineOrder™myStore eNewsletter

Email is a great way to keep top-of-mind with your customers. Publish a monthly e-newsletter to your existing customers to remind them of upcoming events, price changes, or simply to wish them happy holidays.

OnlineOrder™Social Media Services

Social Media publishing is the most cost efficient tool today for getting your message out. With almost 80% of Canadian accessing Facebook regularly, it just makes sense to talk to them where they are. Let’s us help you by publishing weekly specials, coupons, and events. Ask us about Social Ads to push your message even further in your local area.


Coupons are one of the most cost-efficient ways to communicate added value to your existing and potential customers, while clearing out your over-stock. Publish coupon codes, configured by date, number available, and discount offered, for customers to enter at checkout. Use website banners, customer emails, or publish on print materials and social media, to pull in customers and push out product. Use your OnlineOrder™ dashboard to track results, extending or limiting coupon campaigns, as you like. The control is in your hands, and it’s easy to use.

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